You are today's man. Smart. Cunning. Full of life. You like small batch bourbon, fast cars, and the feel of a close shave.

For an impeccable look, Barber Embassy is your official headquarters where a sophisticated approach from modern barber Ivan Salanueva delivers old school approach with today's techniques.

Located inside Regency Salon Studios Pasadena, Barber Embassy serves youth to men and specializes in cuts, shaves, and trims. Each experience is artfully crafted from the shears, includes a wash, and is finished off with the precision of a straight razor.

It should go without saying, Barber Embassy is the mens grooming ambassador you deserve.

Ivan's Bio:

Barber Embassy was founded in 2015 by second-generation barber Ivan Salanueva, who learned his craft from is father, sister, and extended family of barbers and hair stylists. Having grown up in Mexico City, Salanueva worked with his father and attended school to further his education and technique.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Salanueva earned his state license and worked at various barber shops. However, Salanueva always had his own vision of what he wanted to offer his clients. He wanted to build something different, something unique, something great. The idea of Barber Embassy was born.

Stressing quality service and tailored cuts and shaves, the one-on-one experience is what sets Barber Embassy apart.